Othello Aubern

Two-way Switch

Le Cabanon Records LECABANON004
  • EP: Warm grey outer sleeve, incl insert
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Le Cabanon presents a new artist, Othello Aubern, for the 4th installment of their Couleurs record series.

Born in 1987 from an Italian mother and a Swiss father, Othello Aubern is now living in Omsk. He begins to shape his own radio transmitter at the age of 12. During his teenage years, Othello became interested in the exchange of Earth-Moon-Earth signals and in sound synthesis.

His work led him to record his experiments and, later, to sequence them. Othello's first EP is the result of this work of collecting, assembling and creating musical figures.

Othello Aubern: Two-way Switch

E-M-E Othello Aubern 5'36''
Zootrope Othello Aubern 4'54''
Samaritan Metric Othello Aubern 5'49''
Triple-Double Othello Aubern 6'09''
Buffer Zone Othello Aubern 4'15''

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