Roach Goin' Down

Wharf Cat WCR087
  • LP: Incl. insert
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Roach Goin' Down is PALBERTA's most impressive album to date. Twenty-two tracks combine the band's signature frenetic instrumentation with a thoroughly developed pop sensibility that fans merely glimpsed on previous releases. The songs are lovingly crafted and shine with the confidence of a band discovering new musical possibilities and having a blast doing it. As usual, their excitement is sonically palpable, yet this time it's grounded by a lyrical nuance and newfound melancholy that gives the record an air of maturity compared to previous releases. Recorded by frequent collaborator PACO CATHCART (The Cradle), Roach Goin' Down is a brilliantly constructed work of beauty and bile. Palberta continue to pave the way as innovators in the field of guitar-based music, delivering a barrage of twisted, catchy hymns that manage to be both challenging and feverishly compelling.

Palberta: Roach Goin' Down

Surfing w Berry Palberta
Roach Goin' Down Palberta
In My Fame - Jug Palberta
Pixels Palberta
Cherry Baby Palberta
Big Box Inn Palberta
Cross it Out Palberta
I Have Found the Ego Palberta
#1 Fill Palberta
Ink of Truth Palberta
Jumping From Lamp to Lamp Palberta
Sound of the Beat Palberta
Ziddy Palberta
Big Time Palberta
Jaws' Return Palberta
Gimme Everything You Got Girl Palberta
Momentous Space-Up Palberta
Palberta Palberta
Fake-Out Palberta
Come Again Palberta
Rich Boy Palberta
Heaven to Rock'n'Roll Palberta

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