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Panther is the two-headed effort of Charlie Salas-Humara (The Planet The) on vocals, cello and keys and Joe Kelly (31 Knots) on drums. But even when it was Charlie's solo effort he was never really alone. Whether live or on record there was a sense that Panther was being overtaken by something, not an alter-ego, this was something else. Think Ian Curtis convulsive intensity and James Browns spastic swagger and you still won't have Panther, but a sense of what-the-fuckness that all of them seem to call up. Brandnew six song 12".

Panther: The Birds

Like A Bridge On Fire Panther 2'29''
Control Your Ships Panther 2'54''
Seance Panther 3'02''
King Of Diamonds Panther 2'19''
Your Love Is Sold Panther 3'15''
Yer Eyes Make Me Die Panther 3'07''
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