Several Shades Of The Same Color (Pt. 1)

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This album is released on three different LP's released over several weeks. This is part 1/3.

Several Shades Of The Same Color is kaleidoscopic, a multi-faceted techno trip. It's also Patricia's first album for Spectral Sound. Any emotional associations incurred while listening come at the listener's discretion. Furthermore, the identity of the author and/or their passions regarding the recordings herein shall bear no weight on the listener's experience. This body of work is not intended to generate ideas; rather, its goal is to produce physical sensations in the listener.

Patricia: Several Shades Of The Same Color (Pt. 1)

I Know The Face, But Not The Name Patricia
Liminal States Patricia
Speed Wagon Night Bride Patricia
The Words Are Just Sounds Patricia
It Gets Worse At Night Patricia

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