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MOTHERLAND is Phil Maggi's first LP
MOTHERLAND is a consecration
MOTHERLAND is idiosyncratic
MOTHERLAND is beautiful

Inspired by Fulcanelli, Robert Garcet and Giordano Bruno's writings, MOTHERLAND is an evocative sonic journey through Umbria, Italy where Maggi spent a few days in 2011. An electronic evocation, a suite of abyssal ballads made out of field-recordings and traditional music samples, among other sources.

Phil Maggi: Motherland

BIRTH / Bird Phil Maggi 40''
Epona-Ballade Phil Maggi 4'00''
Harmony in Disguise Phil Maggi 2'12''
Riots for the Sun Phil Maggi 2'45''
Roma Phil Maggi 3'56''
Muno Egu Phil Maggi 2'34''
Shine / PYRE Phil Maggi 3'10''
Congratulor Phil Maggi 2'20''
Salto Del Cavallo Phil Maggi 4'56''
Bloom Origin Phil Maggi 1'44''
The Golden Age Phil Maggi 6'43''
Apocalypses Phil Maggi 5'13''

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