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Serendip.Lab presents a reissue from the french electronic wizard, Philipppe Laurent alias Hot Bip.

Media artist Philippe Laurent is a pioneer of electronic music, a French Kraftwerk who recently stepped into the limelight thanks to Minimal Wave’s re-issue of his music. He now grants us with an album in the same vein. As indicated in the title, the tracks were gathered from rare tapes released between 1980 and 1985. You will find here all that makes the charm of his music: ethereal synthetic tunes, syncopated rhythm boxes, minimal but lively TB303 basslines that sound poetically futuristic and herald techno music, acid and IDM.

Philippe Laurent: Cassettes

Exposition 2 Philippe Laurent
République Philippe Laurent
Rapide 4 Philippe Laurent
Interferon Philippe Laurent
Rapide 3 Philippe Laurent
Exposition 6 Philippe Laurent
Bestiaire Philippe Laurent
L'Oiseau Euphorique Philippe Laurent

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