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Piano Magic Remixed

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There is no need for us to be alone, Piano Magic state in one of their tracks. This, although short, statement sums up what the London-based collective of musicians around Glen Johnson is all about. Founded in the summer of 1996, Piano Magic, who always favored the 'revolving door' membership policy of bands like This Mortal Coil (4AD), have always been focusing on the irresistable mixture of warm, atmospheric electronics, bright soundscapes, a good portion of UK-indie-inspired guitars and a spooky skill of writing heavenly popsongs. With two albums ('Popular mechanics', i/Che 1997 and 'Low birth weight', Rocket Girl 1999), numerous E.P.s and singles on a wide variety of labels, including Wurlitzer Jukebox, Staalplaat and Darla and a new album in the pipeline, it was only a question of time until friends, freaks and fans joined forces and remixed their idols. The results are now released on Morr Music.
'Panic Amigo' features four interpretations of 'There is no need for us to be alone' and 'The Canadian brought us snow', two tracks which originally appeared on last October's Rocket Girl 7". The journey starts with 'Future 3' and their interpretation of 'There is no need for us to be alone'. Copenhagen's supergroup spent a week researching in a custom-built filterbank to come up with one of the most mellow breaks you've ever heard. Combining the break with a wondeful melody, Future 3 have written a pop anthem that tells you a lot about solitude, freedom and how important reduction is in music. 'Isan' continue with their version of 'The Canadian brought us snow'. A typical work of art, carefully crafted by the two friends Robin & Toe. Crunchy beauty. On the flipside, you meet 'Ensemble', the French/English/male/female altered-pop duo, Rephlex's new shooting stars. You can tell and hear that both live inside their harddiscs. A very modern-sounding dream of what can happen to you when your living room ist 18 GBs big. Re-organizing the macro structure of Piano Magic's deepest secrets, Ensembles de- and recomposition takes you where the DSP-monsters live. In comes 'Opiate', one of the disguises of Future 3 member Thomas Knak, also a Copenhagen resident. With his version of 'The Canadian brought us snow', Opiate re-invents the long-forgotten deepness of Drum and Bass, adds a melancholic guitar lick and produces one of the greatest tracks in existance since the invention of the sampler. A piece of pure beauty.
Having heard this remix 12", the quote 'There is no need for us to be alone' makes even more sense. This record will stay with you forever. it will smile at you, every time you check your record bag. You'll then take it out of the bag, give it a hug and pt it on your turntable. And this is where it belongs, because...there is no need for us to be alone.

Piano Magic: Piano Magic Remixed

There´s No Need For Us To Be Alone (Future 3 Remix) Piano Magic 6'11''
The Canadian Brought Us Snow (Isan Remix) Piano Magic 4'13''
There´s No Need For Us To Be Alone (Decomposed And Recomposed By Ensemble) Piano Magic 3'34''
The Canadian Brought Us Snow (Opiate Remix) Piano Magic 4'05''

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