Prequel Tapes

Inner Systems

  • LP: Includes download, 180 gr Vinyl
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Wintry, immersive, analogue Electronica with a fragile beauty (MOJO)

Prequel tapes is a work of deep synthesis. Teenage recordings orchestrated into densely layered tapestries; a deeply emotional study on a life characterised by a shifting relationship to electronics. The pieces serve as a chronology of desire and reflection, reconciling a nascent passion for industrial music with a history in the club.

There is a temptation to draw comparisons to Mark Leckey’s excavation of UK rave culture, Lee Gamble’s junglist memories or the hauntological approach of the Ghost Box label, however this is clearly a personal trajectory aesthetically distant from an English past. Oscillating between utopian to claustrophobic, the evolving synth work, deep techno atmospheres and traces of the clangorous energy of early European ambient and industrial tell a distinctly German tale, forged between the forest and the autobahn.

Prequel Tapes: Inner Systems

Under Your Skin Prequel Tapes
When We Fall Into The Light Prequel Tapes
The Comfort Of Feeling Numb Prequel Tapes
Scarlet Fog Prequel Tapes
Inner Systems Prequel Tapes
Untitled Memory Prequel Tapes
A4J8-D Prequel Tapes
Dragon Keys Prequel Tapes
4 Degrees Prequel Tapes

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