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First Issue has been lovingly reproduced from the original UK 1978 release and this expanded reissue also comes with a clutch of post-punk era treasures. The CD edition is an expanded, two-disc set with an almost hour-long (unedited) October 1978 BBC audio interview with JOHN LYDON, plus rare B-side “The Cowboy Song” from the period, and two stickers.
The LP release includes an archive replica fold-out poster, archive replica tabloid adverts, a set of stickers, and download card for the album, the archival BBC interview, and “The Cowboy Song.” All of which were approved and coordinated with John Lydon and his personal management.

Public Image Ltd.: First Issue

Theme Public Image Ltd. 9'11''
Religion I Public Image Ltd. 1'26''
Religion II Public Image Ltd. 5'52''
04 Public Image Ltd. 6'05''
Public Image Public Image Ltd. 3'01''
Low Life Public Image Ltd. 3'38''
Attack Public Image Ltd. 2'55''
Fodderstompf Public Image Ltd. 7'48''

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