Pulse Emitter

Chilling in the Eye of the Storm

Expansive EE08CS
  • MC: Includes download, incl. full color J-card
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New Pulse Emitter album released on Pulse Emitter’s own Expansive imprint. Professional duplicated with printed shells, full color J-cards, and download card.

These are crazy times, it’s easy to get frazzled. But everyone needs moments of tranquility. This is where the new Pulse Emitter album, Chilling in the Eye of the Storm comes in. A peaceful, spacey, minimalist trip through realms light and dark, at the confluence of a comfy earthy vibe, and escapist science fiction dreamings. His recent progressions continue, combining electronic synthesis with global percussion and field recordings. If you need to chill out friends, you are welcome here.

Pulse Emitter: Chilling in the Eye of the Storm

Unfolding Pulse Emitter
Mauna Loa Pulse Emitter
Melatonin Pulse Emitter
Summer Pulse Emitter
Cyber Monday Pulse Emitter
Fluidic Space Pulse Emitter
Divine Shadow Pulse Emitter
Indoor Waterfalls Pulse Emitter

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