RP Boo

Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints

Planet Mu ZIQ 365LP
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RP Boo is to Footwork what Juan Atkins is to Techno - a source point for a busting out of innovative ideas and new directions.

Dancing is central to RP Boo. His sound remains unique. "Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints" contains both tracks made after his acclaimed 2013 debut album "Legacy" ("An album of scorching, scene-defining hits" SPIN) and older tracks.

Highlights include "Banging On King Dr." which sees him cutting up street numbers; the monolithic noir feeling of "Sleepy"; the subtle funk of "Your Choice" which may in some way be inspired by his Dad's role as bass player for Prince; "Lets Dance Again" whose delicate soulful sound echoes deep streams of Chicago dance music history; the dramatic string-infused "Daddy's Home" and the celebration of achieving dreams that is the closer "B'Ware."

RP Boo: Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints

1-2D-20'2 RP Boo
Bang'n On King Dr. RP Boo
Your Choice RP Boo
Freezaburn RP Boo
Heat From Us RP Boo
Kemosabe RP Boo
Finish Line D'jayz RP Boo
Daddy's Home RP Boo
Let's Dance Again RP Boo
Sleepy RP Boo
I'm Laughing RP Boo
Beat Me RP Boo
Suicide RP Boo
B'Ware RP Boo

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