Are You Dreamy?

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Behind the refreshingly enthusiastic songs hides a wealth of complex understatement. Both personal and stylised, the boys' (ital. Ragazza) lyrics dissect everyday scenarios between work, vacation, sex, sport and shopping, relating the affecting bleakness and bleak beauty of the banalities central to our lives. Idealistic foresight hints at glimpses of a better existence, displaying an inner largesse striving outward, a touching collection of virtual Greatest Hits.
Conceived in the Chiemsee holiday heaven, "Are you dreamy?" (after the 6 track "Soft Operator"-EP) is the seamless second instalment of an exceptional pop career.
Again the vinyl cover is released together with a poster.

Ragazzi: Are You Dreamy?

Fantasy Is Reality Ragazzi 3'50''
Check Your Body Ragazzi 5'00''
A Cone (Can Make Your Life Alright) Ragazzi 3'44''
Intro Ragazzi 2'56''
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