Inverted Summer

Fábrica Records FABREC025
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Inverted Summer” is the full-length vinyl LP debut of Eric Hardiman's (Century Plants/Burnt Hills) solo project. As Rambutan, Hardiman has released a steady stream of quality material on a variety of underground labels since 2007. Subtly bridging realms of noise, dub, psych, drone, minimalism, and musique concrete, Rambutan brings listeners into a unique sonic headspace that finds common ground between bliss and dread.

Utilizing various electronics, synthesizers, tapes, guitar, and bass, Inverted Summer is a sprawling, wide-angle piece of work, yielding deep zones of textural soundscaping that can soothe and unsettle in equal measure. Inverted Summer captures Rambutan's thick, dubby atmospherics in all their glory, revealing Hardiman to be a sound artist whose improvisational techniques are as formidable as his sense of structure and development. These are alien soundtracks for the recombinant generation, just waiting for you to disappear into them.

Mastered by James Plotkin, and cut by Golden Mastering.

Rambutan: Inverted Summer

Outside The Horizon Rambutan
Time Garden Rambutan
Topology Rambutan
Flying Through Glass Rambutan
Viaduct Rambutan
Shallow Motion Rambutan
Frozen Flower Rambutan
Floodlights Rambutan

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