Ricardo Tobar

Garden (Remixes)

Desire Records DSR106
  • EP: Includes download, white vinyl
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Garden is the second extract from Ricardo Tobar's début album. Ricardo Tobar was born in a city called Viña Del Mar in Chile nearly 30 years ago. After two acclaimed 12 inches on Border Community, James Holden's label (the beautiful El Sunset in 2007 & Boy Love Girl in 2008) followed two EP's on Traum Schallplatten (With You in 2008 & Mi Pieza Esta Llena De Cosas in 2009). In 2012 he then unleashes one EP on In Paradisum (French underground label run by Mondkopf), the more experimental and highly addictive Esoteric / Carnaval. Inspired by mysticism & noise, Ricardo uses old drum machines, analog equipment and also samples he's been storing since some years to create dirty sounding drums, modulated synth sounds and keeping far away from the more expected and polished sounds most artists use. In a way, his music develops the punk side in electronic music. His other inspiration on Treillis is definitely esotericism, in the way that music can profoundly touch and transport you in another dimension. Inspired by the deepness of electronic music, his music is very intuitive, the same way Nirvana, Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine are with guitars.

This 12'' pressed on solid white vinyl includes two great remixes by Daniel Avery and Bass Clef with the original lp version of both 'Garden' and fans favorite 'Hundreds'. Includes a download coupon.

Ricardo Tobar: Garden (Remixes)

Garden (Daniel Avery Remix) Ricardo Tobar
Garden Ricardo Tobar
Hundreds Ricardo Tobar
Garden (Bass Clef Remix) Ricardo Tobar

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