Richard Youngs


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Bringing rhythm to the fore, Amaranthine is built around layered percussion and Youngs' ever present vocals. The asymetrically patterned underlay is scored for drums, household objects and handheld percussion; at points scything fuzz guitar cuts through the sense of ritual with abandon and deep synths bubble up out of nowhere before dissipating into solo shakuhachi.
Amaranthine is another typically atypical Youngsian release in which he ventures deep into uncharted musical space, all the while retaining his essential Youngs-ness.

"It's hard to put a pin on what Youngs is really trying to express on this album. It would be too easy to say it's his "drum" album, because the sonic palette is so varied, and his singing remains the true focal point, so the presence of more drums than "usual" (can such a word ever be used with an artist as idiosyncratic as Richard Youngs?) is a bit of a red herring. Instead, the title's reference to an eternal flower harks back to the man himself: always prolific, always pushing at the envelope of creativity, Richard Youngs is striving for something immortal. As ever, witnessing the journey, as we do on Amaranthine, is the true delight." - Joseph Burnett, The Quietus

"Youngs on Amaranthine can sound shamanistic or mind-erasing or beyond words, any of the terms we usually apply to immersive and free-flowing music that seems out to bypass the intellect for chills up the spine and tingling of the arm hairs." - Jess Harvell, Pitchfork

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