Rue Royale

Guide To An Escape

Sinnbus SR045CD
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Gentle, intimate miniatures, in warm shades, mostly carried by the two-voice choir in a calm, steady pulse. Filled up with the blues of the highways and the melancholy that lurks in the passing lights of stranger's lives, Rue Royale give oppressive and touching snapshots of their never-ending journey.
This album is close to perfection in melancholic acoustic music. RUE ROYALE don’t need to hide behind acts like Bon Iver, Fink or William Fitzsimmons. With Guide To An Escape they prove their excellence in writing and performing songs that will leave listeners lost in thoughts.

Rue Royale: Guide To An Escape

Guide To An Escape Rue Royale 4'07''
Halfway Blind Rue Royale 3'36''
Flightline Rue Royale 3'11''
Get Me Standing Rue Royale 3'58''
Blame Rue Royale 4'06''
Knocked Back To The Start Rue Royale 3'20''
Crater Rue Royale 3'38''
Meant To Roam Rue Royale 4'31''
We'll Go On Alright Rue Royale 3'58''
Foreign Night Rue Royale 4'10''
The Search And Little Else Rue Royale 3'00''

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