Ours After

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On a trip to Tokyo, steeped in thoughts about a world driven by fear, scaremongering and supremacy ever present, there was a need and desire for Rushmore to explore his own internal hope, faith and positivity - themes that lie at the core of debut album, ‘Ours After’.

The LP’s backbone is informed by his past musings of 90s/00s rap albums, fused with the more recent club stylings of innovative music pioneers like Spinn, Rashad [RIP] & Teklife.

At 13 tracks long, the album is a journey - and a chance for Rushmore to re-imagine the music he’d been gifted before, to become ‘Ours After’.

Rushmore: Ours After

Jingu Direct Rushmore
Out On Our Own Rushmore
Ours After (feat Josh Caffe) Rushmore
Special Keikan Shower Rushmore
Faith Power Rushmore
Second Coming Rushmore
Grindin All Day (feat Cam & China) Rushmore
Izakaya Trance (feat Koko Miyagi, Konida & Mr Tikini) Rushmore
Exit Above Rushmore

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