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Deadly double-header from the iDEAL ranks, pitting Dungeon Acid in a split face-off with the maelstrom hisself, Russell Haswell. Expect deep-raved techno and n0!se of the most potent order, delivered in ‘floor-sized portions!

After a run around the houses of Fit Sound, Börft, Stockholm LTD, Klasse Wreckes and Ufo Station Recordings over the last six years, Jean-Louis Huhta nails his strongest Dungeon Acid sound in both parts here: going deep and long with the stealthy modulations and grittily fluid, almost proggy drive of Acid Moments In Time And Space, and then like some long lost Mike Dunn or KMS banger with the shivering rimshots and thunderous acid undertow of Youth Against Fascism (‘cos everyone knows Nazi’s can’t dance).

Switch to 45rpm on the flip and you’ll find R. ‘aswell on filthy good form in both parts: stewing some proper acid n0!se reflux in the gut-kicking iDEAL tape try (take #2), before the gloves come off for the unmetered squabble of iDEAL n0!se for tape, where his fascination for high freq Japanese power noise really comes to the fore with excoriating effect.

Russell Haswell / Dungeon Acid: Split EP

Dungeon Acid - IDEAL Tape Trk (take #2) Russell Haswell / Dungeon Acid
Dungeon Acid - IDEAL NO!se For Tape Russell Haswell / Dungeon Acid
Russell Haswell - Acid Moments In Time & Space Russell Haswell / Dungeon Acid
Russell Haswell - Youth Against Fascism Russell Haswell / Dungeon Acid

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