Russian Tsarlag

Gel Stations Past

House Rules HR002LP
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Gel Stations Past brings together tracks from three shadowy self-released cassettes by Russian Tsarlag: Decrepit Gas Station, Living in the Past, and Dipped in Gel. Dubbed in minimal quantities and cloistered for private worship, much of Russian Tsarlag’s recent output remains hard to find. Each of these albums dispersed instantly among friends and fanatics and receded into legend.

This record consolidates the great pieces of crooner dejection that typify Tsarlag’s recent music. These are his saddest and slowest-burning songs, drawn in dour guitar, sweeping keyboard, and sedated vocals that teeter well below mid-tempo. Many share a somber two-chord schema that slips in perfect doses of dissonance and distortion. The results are at once refined and totally ragged, seductive, woozy, and smeared in Tsarlag’s shapely four-track atmospherics.

Russian Tsarlag: Gel Stations Past

Return of the Stars Russian Tsarlag
Three Colors Russian Tsarlag
On the Street Russian Tsarlag
Formal Surgery Russian Tsarlag
One Night Expo Russian Tsarlag
Spray My Face Russian Tsarlag
Northern Lights Russian Tsarlag
Shrinking Violet Russian Tsarlag
Bed of Nails Russian Tsarlag
Over Again Russian Tsarlag
Dipped in Gel Russian Tsarlag

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