Warp Records WARPLP271
  • 2LP: Includes download
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LP release of Rustie's album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, which saw its surprise digital release late last year, released on vinyl for the first time.

"Instinctive and playful ... for a pure adrenaline rush it works perfectly" - The Guardian
"Thrilling, weird, danceable, frequently inspired and Day-Glo to a fault" - NME
"The Rustiest album possible" - Pitchfork

EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE is the sound of Rustie going back to basivs and doing what he does best, an essential listen for anyone who has Glass Swords on rotation.


Coral Elixrr Rustie
First Mythz Rustie
Atlantean Airship Rustie
4Eva Rustie
Big Catzz Rustie
Peace Upzzz Rustie
Your Goddezz Rustie
What U Mean Rustie
Morning Starr Rustie
Death Bliss Rustie
New Realm Rustie
Emerald Tabletz Rustie
Open Heartzz Rustie
444Sure Rustie

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