Ryan Teague

Block Boundaries

Village Green VGCD015
  • LP : 180 gr vinyl
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‘Block Boundaries’ is the new album from minimalist composer Ryan Teague building on his previous releases for Type, Sonic Pieces and current label Village Green. Inspired by the theme of Psychogeography, the record fuses acoustic instrumentation with electronic and processed material, taking the listener on a hallucinogenic Ballardian journey through from the thrumming urban activity of New York, Amsterdam and London.

Brooding opener "Site & Situation" sets the tone with hypnotic guitar and mallet chimes, emotive cello swells and surging bass synth, 'Last Known Position' comes on like a lost Tangerine Dream jam session, spiraling arpeggios and oscillating pulses, while 'Liminal Space' introduces driving percussion around mesmeric synth pulses and a shimmering piano progression. Closer 'End Of The Line ' brings the journey to an end in an introspective mood - a wavering synth figure cut against wistful drone washes that fade into the distance.

'Block Boundaries' is a masterful achievement of melody, form and texture that rewards more with every captivated listen and will assuredly secure Ryan Teague's place alongside his acclaimed contemporaries such as Nils Frahm, Jon Hopkins, Emeralds and Hauschka.

Ryan Teague: Block Boundaries

Site and Situation Ryan Teague 4'33''
Block Boundaries Ryan Teague 5'13''
Last Known Position Ryan Teague 4'25''
Diversion 1 Ryan Teague 2'15''
Scale and Ratio Ryan Teague 5'01''
Liminal Space Ryan Teague 4'01''
Diversion 2 Ryan Teague 4'17''
Remote Outliers Ryan Teague 2'15''
Animated Landscape Ryan Teague 5'12''
End Of The Line Ryan Teague 3'27''

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