The Goal Is To Make The Animals Happy

Sinnbus SR024
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Sdnmt and change. Sdnmt and time, and ways, and a thorough look into things. All this in full length, for the third time, even more beautiful and once more in a new outfit. The band that was Seidenmatt was shattered. They asked the right questions, they have tried themselves and re-emerged in new places. On August 24, 2007, they again bear witness to two years of travels, of starting over and over again, of constant growing and maturing. Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed Listeners: »The Goal Is To Make The Animals Happy«.

There is a lot to say and tell. Sdnmt have been driving and driving and running and walking, always trying to fight off halts and standstills. Is this the adequate shape? Are these the right tracks? As the search for what this band is and could be and should be continued, the outlines and boundaries dissolved. New people joined the band, expanding the fold and extending the options and leaving when the time is right. Consequently, the constant exchange stands above solid structures. Tries and tests justify tries and tests. There is tolerance and there is acceptance. Sdnmt grew and rose to the challenge of being Sdnmt, they found and embraced help and hands, and they meet their new guise with pride and with joy.

The new Sdnmt. Most of all, they are alive and kicking. There is singing, there are upfront vocals. Whereas on the band's previous album »If You Use This Software Often - Buy It« the vocals were but one of many instruments, they now confidently form the music's core or naturally tower around it in overpowering choir. Furthermore, Sdnmt got physical. There are knocks and stamps and claps and the sound of many, making noise together. Sdnmt fill all this with a collective's confidence that is far more evident here than on all of their previous recordings. They have learnt to deal with themselves and they have found ways of transforming their own motions into something moving.

SDNMT: The Goal Is To Make The Animals Happy

Basses Basses SDNMT 3'35''
26/20 (SOL Where Is It?) SDNMT 4'08''
Sho-Ryu-Sdnmt SDNMT 3'49''
Tears Don't Cry SDNMT 4'39''
Waking The Forest SDNMT 4'16''
Jazz TM SDNMT 4'55''
Smallest Narrative Unit SDNMT 4'37''
Still A Cool Pair Of Kicks SDNMT 5'08''
Time Is On My Zeit SDNMT 4'39''
G.ranulat U.nd Z.ehren, Y.all SDNMT 5'59''

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