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One of Portland's finest rock bands. SAD HORSE is a two piece with just drums guitars and vocals—but with these few tools they create memorable compositions. For the past 7 years, Sad Horse has released tracks on the most underground of cassette and LP labels. Their music is savagely joyful—GEOFF SOULE and ELIZABETH VENABLE trading screechy enthusiastic vocals, the guitar whirling through songs as concise as possible, the drums clanging and banging. This is the real underground sound of Portland. A compilation of the best moments of their recordings from small cassette releases. Co-release with Eggy Records.

Sad Horse: Greatest Hits

Rains Sad Horse
Veins Sad Horse
Dicky's Blues Sad Horse
Mountain Lion Sad Horse
Take It Sad Horse
You Are Idiots Sad Horse
It Was A Duck Sad Horse
Old Daze Sad Horse
Speaking In Tongues Sad Horse
Loafer Sad Horse
Something That Sucks Sad Horse
Happy Birthday Sad Horse
Coyotes Sad Horse
Inner Outer Space (In Your Mind) Sad Horse
Made In China Sad Horse
No Go Sad Horse
Check's In The Mail Sad Horse
Soft Mommy Sad Horse
Furry Hat Sad Horse
Sister Hell Sad Horse
Harmony Sad Horse
Hollywood Princess Power Sad Horse
Hippie Store Sad Horse
Yield Sad Horse
Gimmie Gimmie Sad Horse
Track 26 Sad Horse

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