Sankt Otten

Sequencer Liebe

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SANKT OTTEN is a German instrumental duo which already teamed up for building the first walls of sound in 1999 (!). So far they have released 5 albums and several Eps.
SEQUENCER LIEBE (“Sequencer Love“) leads into a paradise of warm analogue sounds garnished with the typical soaring guitar drones of OLIVER KLEMM, while the band's mastermind STEPHAN OTTEN flavoured these ingredients with his 80s electronic drum sounds. For the first time he used synthetic sounds and percussions for this album exclusively.
Sequencer lines that may remind one of German pioneers of progressive electronic music are the red thread of this release - but SANKT OTTEN are moving the Krautrock elements into a new context. The title track SEQUENCER LIEBE is the best example for this.
On the other hand, SANKT OTTEN also offer ambient tracks like MIR BRICHT DIE STIMME WEG or DIE STADT RIECHT NACH DIR. Both of these epic tracks are dominated by great synthesizer soundscapes and e-bow guitar sounds which give you goose bumps easily.
Finally, titles like KANN DENN LIEBE SYNTHIE SEIN? and GESTERN FAND ICH ALTE TRAENEN show that SANKT OTTEN also has talent to do little Synthpop hymns that could come right from the 80s.
Altogether, the main achievement of their 6th full length is that SANKT OTTEN are combining influences of old genres with elements of today’s music to a unique and timeless mixture.
The spanish artist SALUSTIANO again borrowed SANKT OTTEN some of his great paintings for the artwork, this time from this lastest BLACK collection. These black paintings constitute part two of a cooperation trilogy which began with the red artwork of GOTTES SYNTHESIZER. The perfect synergy with SANKT OTTEN’s unique sound.

The vinyl comes as a thick 180g gatefold version, the cd in a nice digipak.

Sankt Otten: Sequencer Liebe

Sequencer Liebe Sankt Otten 5'42''
Gestern Fand Ich Alte Tränen Sankt Otten 4'46''
Hungrig Kann Man Nicht Tanzen Sankt Otten 4'27''
Mir Bricht Die Stimme Weg Sankt Otten 5'18''
Kann Denn Liebe Synthie Sein Sankt Otten 3'54''
Die Stadt Riecht Nach Dir Sankt Otten 5'22''
Der Heilige Schmerz Sankt Otten 3'57''
Ende Gelände Sankt Otten 6'09''

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