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With his new album "What's Fruit", Schlammpeitziger touches the dancefloor more than ever before in his 22-year long career. Yet his dancefloor is a playful one. The Cologne based composer's sounds electrify with their multi-layered melodic structures. He weaves countless details in perfection, to a high density of musical activity, always focusing on the slow, driving beats which hold everything together. Each of the eight tracks represents shades of the unique humour we love about Schlammpeitziger: The tricky question about what's those things we call fruit, or his mantric German lyrics on "Schneid ein Stück aus der Zeit" are charming messages which never fail to be heard in the guise of those lovely synth hooks.

This new Schlammpeitziger disco has its source in a situation which does not quite promise relaxed creativity: In the past year Schlammpeitziger's studio in Cologne has been surrounded by construction works. Locked up in his private space between massive hums, squealing saws and pulsating jackhammers, he delivers this indeed relaxed album with eight tracks. It comes across with the freshness of a debut work.

Contrary to his previous records which had been mostly made with analogue synths, this album has been produced with iPad synths at 90% of the time, before taking the mixes to Stefan Mohr's (ex- member of the band "Workshop") mixing console.

It is the first time for Schlammpeitziger to release a record outside of his Cologne based home labels A-Musik and Sonig. This time the musician, drawer and charismatic performer appears on the Pingipung imprint from Hamburg. He had been in touch with the label for years and has also been a regular guest in the Golden Pudel Club. A lot has happened since Jo Zimmermann invented the Schlammpeitziger character in 1992. Artists like Depeche Mode, The Bionaut, Barbara Morgenstern or Egoexpress have asked for remixes and he has played countless international stages. His many albums and CDs have even been compiled to "Collected Simple Songs Of My Temporary Past" by the Domino label (UK), Thrill Jockey (US) and Tokuma (Japan).

Schlammpeitziger: What's Fruit

What's Fruit Schlammpeitziger 5'06''
Balcony Sofaune Schlammpeitziger 5'28''
Kruste Halzemich Schlammpeitziger 5'07''
Hagelslaag Süchteln Schlammpeitziger 5'59''
Listig Laufblech Schlammpeitziger 6'09''
Pipe Claphorse Schlammpeitziger 4'51''
Schneid ein Stück aus der Zeit Schlammpeitziger 6'16''
Quadrat Ichendorf Schlammpeitziger 4'49''

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