School Of Zuversicht

Neubaugebiet - Remixe From Idiot Town

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Pingipung presents ten selected remixes for „Randnotizen from Idiot Town“ (2009) by "School of Zuversicht".
"School Of Zuversicht" is a band collective around front lady DJ Patex. Extensive live shows, a living room called Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, and countless side projects by Patex and her musicians sum up to an impressive peer group. 10 famous friends have now expressed their affection to "School Of Zuversicht" with their contributions to this remix collection.
We are proud to introduce sounds by Die Boys (Deichkind), Station 17, Festland (Zickzack) and Paulo Olarte (Liebe Detail), as well as our Pingipung heroes WOLS and Mister Tingle.
2 of the10 Remixes are on the 7" (Die Boys + Festland), all the others will be available as a free download with the 7"!

School Of Zuversicht: Neubaugebiet - Remixe From Idiot Town

Die Wunderlichen Träume Des Herrn Candide (Paulo Olarte Remix) School Of Zuversicht 3'38''
A Night In Berlin (Wols Remix) School Of Zuversicht 3'25''
We Play As Long As You Pay (Misses Next Match Remix) School Of Zuversicht 3'49''
Another One Bites The Dog (Die Boys Church Remix) School Of Zuversicht 3'42''
Ideas Are In The House (Mister Tingle Remix) School Of Zuversicht 4'38''
1,2,3 (Marecco Marocco Remix) School Of Zuversicht 5'18''
A Night In Berlin (Station 17 Remix) School Of Zuversicht 7'32''
A Night In Berlin (Festland Replay) School Of Zuversicht 5'00''
A Night In Berlin (Umherschweifende Produzenten Remix) School Of Zuversicht 4'38''
Beckett Says In This World There More Pricks Than Kicks (John Callaghan Remix) School Of Zuversicht 4'57''

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