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Second vinyl release "The Capital" by rising drone-star Sean McCann. These all new recordings prove - once again - his ability to keep his stretched out & richely textured ambient drones right on track. The A side opens with synth spirals and exstatic sounds, there's no going back now. B Side is full of violin explorations and lo-fi fieldrecordings. This is an amazing effort by one of Earth's most promising musicians.

Sean McCann really sets the bar for how far a one-man project can really go, and gives the feeling of a complete orchestra with his music. With cassette releases on just about every backyard label imaginable, Sean McCann has received recognition almost to the extent of masters such as Yellow Swans or Merzbow, and rightfully so.

Cover Artwork by Sean McCann. Mastering by Anders Peterson.

Sean McCann: The Capital

Aerial Sapphire Show Sean McCann
The Vanilla Maiden Sean McCann
Unfolding Angels Sean McCann
Star Charge Sean McCann
This Was Nearly Mine Sean McCann
Swoon Sean McCann

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