Second Storey

Double Divide

Houndstooth HTH031
  • 2LP : Ltd. 180 gr vinyl
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Second Storey (previously known as Al Tourettes) produces music that runs the gamut from multipart suites of hefty sound design to club shaking yet brainy dance epics for labels like Apple Pips, Aus and many more. This new project is at the crossroads, vastly complex, intricately arranged and inspired by love and emotion. 'Double Divide' inhabits a space full of contradictions, paradoxes and idiosyncrasies - it's a mix of high intensity beat driven music, adventurous club tunes that show off Storey's bass roots, but at the same time is balanced by more emotive ambient passages, psychedelically inspired musical abilities, complex rhythmic structures and emotive melodic phrases.

Second Storey: Double Divide

North Facing Second Storey
Reserved Second Storey
Combustion Hallmark Second Storey
Shaman Champagne Second Storey
One Sound Second Storey
Devotion Notion Second Storey
Protozoan Milkshake Second Storey
Trope Second Storey
The Overview Effect, Pt. 1 & 2 Second Storey
Chordelia Second Storey

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