Sinnbus SR002
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Seidenmatt are a fourpiece. They are Jan, Florian, Martin and Matthias. They own a basic instrumental equipment composed of guitar, drums, bass and samples. The vocals just got lost. Those now expecting melancholy drab and musical superficiality, think again! For two years now Seidenmatt have celebrated couchy fierceness of a seemingly endless depth. Their music reaches its zenith by progression and time and again they write ROCK in capital letters. With Seidenmatt no one has to fear being tacky when making use of terms like »elementary«, »alternative« or »animate«.

Seidenmatt: Wasserluft

Wasserluft Seidenmatt 3'13''
Inseln Seidenmatt 5'25''
Die Drei Und Sechs Fläche Seidenmatt 4'44''
Ziel Verfehlt Seidenmatt 5'20''
Alles Behalten Seidenmatt 4'48''
Luc(as) Seidenmatt 6'14''
Thu We Notkeks Seidenmatt 8'14''

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