Severed + Said


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The latest long-player by John Touchton’s eerie Everglades industrial enterprise Severed+Said is also his loftiest, equal parts synth-wave séance, abduction hallucination, and paranormal noir. Collaborating with the same recording engineer as 2015’s Occlusions, Jeremiah Johnson, but this time in a more equipped North Florida garage studio, the pair routed an array of synthesizers, drum machines, and guitars through speaker cabinets to achieve an impressively tactile, spacious mix. The 13 tracks of Incorporeality alternate between rhythmic, ravaged, and reflective, psychic and sinister, beyond the swamps and behind the eye. Speaking of his process, Touchton touches on the music’s dimensional aura: “Something omnipresent filters through me, into the sound – I feel a somewhat transcendent state.”

Mastered by Alter Echo. Images by JT. Layout by Britt Brown.

Severed + Said: Incorporeality

Corporeality Severed + Said
Psychic Incision Severed + Said
Interlude I Severed + Said
Pyretic Dreams Severed + Said
Interlude II Severed + Said
Dimensional Drifter Severed + Said
Interlude III Severed + Said
Incorporeality Severed + Said
Communion Severed + Said
Digital Parasites Severed + Said
Interlude IV Severed + Said
Pagan Pulses Severed + Said
Crescendo Macabre Severed + Said

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