Shit & Shine

Jealous Of Shit And Shine

Riot Season REPOSELP046
  • LP : Includes Download, 300 copies pressed on Neon Pink 140gm vinyl. Housed in PVC sleeve
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Long overdue vinyl release of Shit And Shine's second album 'Jealous Of Shit And Shine' originally released by Riot Season on CD only back in 2006.

Back when Shit And Shine were just a mere two piece with a wicked sense of humour and a lawnmower, 'Jealous Of Shit And Shine' came out and knocked folks bandy.

The original CD didn't last long and was never repressed, and for the last 9 years CC (Craig Clouse) has been badgering Riot Season to give it a vinyl release.

So here it is, in (almost) all of it's original fucked up glory. The audio has been tweaked a little to make it more vinyl friendly by the man himself in his Texas bunker, but it's still a completely messed up brain fuck of an album.

The kind only two men and a lawnmower can make. Split into two parts, side A is the live favourite 'Practicing To Be A Doctor', almost 24 minutes of pounding tribal drums and a ridiculously addictive bass line that just rolls on and on ...

if you never saw them do this live with anything up to 30 drummers you missed out big time.

Maybe they'll bust it out again one day. Side B features the more wacky/noise/avant-garde side of Shit And Shine.

Chaotic distorted blasts, mesmeric chuntering, tortured guitars and drums disguised as seven tracks.

Absolutely fucking delightful, and absolutely like nobody else out there. 100% Shit And Shine and it's no wonder folks were jealous.

Shit & Shine: Jealous Of Shit And Shine

Here Come The Vikings Shit And Shine
When Extreme Dogs Go Wrong Shit And Shine
No Darling it's a Pentagram Shit And Shine
Unchained Ladies Shopper Shit And Shine
There Are 2 Bakers Now Shit And Shine
Practicing To Be A Doctor Shit And Shine
Kitten Mask Shit And Shine
Hot Vodka Shit And Shine
Seeing Life Through A Young Mans Eyes Shit And Shine

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