Sic Alps

She's On Top

Drag City DC 556 EP
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Orange Sunshine! Blue Diamonds! Black Potatoes! “She’s On Top” is a 12" single, a B-12-booster shot extract straight from the heart of SIC ALPS to the inner lining of your own poor broke-crippled ripcage ribself. This is how the other half lives, laughs and loves! It’s fun and exciting, a picture from the airplane! Sic Alps are like you. They’re your friends - the better, smarter, faster, stronger ones! When they get back from their run, they’re friendly and will show you how the guitar works. Whoops, they picked it up and three songs fell out. Time for a single! A 12" single, to show the world the steel-plate resolve and wide, sparkling decks of the good ship Sic Alps. These three guns is all they need. And now they’ve maneuvered into the power position!
“She’s On Top” will send you up shaking, laughing so hard you’re crying, and how you come down depends on your chemistry! Shards of pop...we may need pincers. And the video’s gonna kill! “Carrie Jean” is a noirish creeper, another one about girlish allure etc. LOOKOUT, it’s comblicated. Now, “Biz Bag”...whoa. Blew the door open, jet-blast style, finishing with a bitter kiss ‘n’ giggle. What’s in this one? A new genre: power-brisk. And it’s all wrapped in a gay 12" single sleeve inspired by and incorporating a Digger’s photograph.

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