Silk Rhodes

Silk Rhodes

Stones Throw STH2351
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Birthed in Baltimore, nurtured by NYC, and ultimately coming-of-age on the highways of the southwest on their way to California, Silk Rhodes are the duo of astro-traveling producer Michael Collins and singer Sasha Desree.

Their voyage began in a 1997 Honda CRV turned DIY recording studio built to capture light-bulb moments as they happened. The approach was simple: run a microphone into loop pedal, connect the looper to the car stereo via cassette-tape adaptor, and start spitting out ideas. Then Collins and Desree, alongside a host of roving lunatics and pranksters, would broadcast their experiments to the streets, commenting on their observations in rhyme, soliciting ideas from strangers, and inviting people into the car to contribute vocals, or loop beats. These experiments spawned sound collages, and stream-of-consciousness hymns, as well an an electric boogie tune with nods to Joe Jackson and George Benson and a lonesome ballad that sounds like a still-lost Donnie and Joe Emerson song produced by Gamble & Huff ("Pains").

Silk Rhodes: Silk Rhodes

Intro Silk Rhodes
Pains Silk Rhodes
Face 2 Face Silk Rhodes
Laurie's Machine Silk Rhodes
Realtime Silk Rhodes
Barely New Silk Rhodes
Horizon Line Silk Rhodes
This Painted World Silk Rhodes
Group 1987 Silk Rhodes
Hold Me Down Silk Rhodes
Personal Use Silk Rhodes
The System Silk Rhodes

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