Sophia Loizou


Kathexis KTX004LP
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Bristol-based sound artist and producer Sophia Loizou blew us away in 2014 with the release of Chrysalis, a staggering release exploring the conflict between nature and technology & the space between natural and synthetic sounds, themes very much close to our heart here. We’re happy to present Sophia’s sterling follow up Singulacra where she builds on that framework and presents her most ambitious offering to date.

Ghostly remnants of hardcore & early jungle percolate throughout, fragments of radio transmissions seep in and out through tape based processes & spectral processing leaving us in a hauntingly beautiful landscape filled with both solidity & disintegration made up of transformative and accelerated changing states.

Bringing back the times of pirate radio, seemingly like lost transmissions from beyond the grave, providing a sense of intimacy and familiarity during our full speed acceleration towards unknown futures.

Singulacra explores our anxieties surrounding technological utopias while retaining an emphasis on nurturing human value when facing inhuman forces, our presently debated potential loss of human ‘essence’ amidst technological progress towards artificial intelligence.

Sophia Loizou: Singulacra

Divine Interference Sophia Loizou 5'34''
The Voices of Time Sophia Loizou 6'36''
Order of Elements Sophia Loizou 5'45''
Artificial Infinite Sophia Loizou 4'05''
Silver Nemesis Sophia Loizou 2'54''
Genesis 92: The Awakening Sophia Loizou 5'14''
Glimpses of Death Sophia Loizou 6'12''
Singularity is Near Sophia Loizou 4'43''

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