Spencer Clark

The Stimulated Australia

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These are ambiences from Australian landscapes, recorded by Spencer Clark (Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Typhonian Highlife, The Skaters, et al). Forced by undersigned into the genus of the field recordist. Natural sounds are mirrored to a world of fabricated aquarium music. Where lorikeets and ocean waves serve as a counterpoint for beautiful, light background airs. The recorder cunningly observes a building where the tourist forages, and fascinates the sounds of lands that are forever spiritual to the native. Captured on handheld cassette recorder as both being a study, and a recorded keepsake. Resulting in a document that is a particular addition to Clark’s catalogue, where the sacred, the mirth and the mundane forever morph.

Recorded by Spencer Clark. Edited by Lieven Martens. Mastered by Christophe Albertijn. Typography by Jeroen Wille. Offset / Full Color artwork.

Spencer Clark: The Stimulated Australia

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