Bryter Tystnaden

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Erik Möller lives in Uppsala outside Stockholm, Sweden. From there he has been responsible for various releases and remixes as Spinform and Unai for labels such as Forcetracks (Mille Plateaux), City Centre Offices, R.U.C., and Sub Static. The last mentioned label is the official home for his more dubby and reduced house offerings. His second Unai album should be out there any minute this spring.
Spinform breaks the 3 year silence since his EP for Hobby with this first album for us. "Bryter Tystnaden" follows the same laidback path as his 2003 EP...this time however it's even more stretched out and mostly without the click beat patterns, he already proved he controls with great effect.
"Bryter Tystnaden" instead, aims for rhythms that have almost frozen still and melodies of a haunting kind, placing him with one leg in both the abstract Electronica, and the new classical/chamber movement. Always with the signature Spinform sound and arrangements.
"Bryter Tystnaden" was mostly recorded in an old deserted manor out on the Swedish countryside, and somehow the ghostly ambience of the surroundings has crept into the sounds caught on tape. Creaking pedal rhythms, the lonely tinkling on a since long detuned piano, slowly decaying chords from a reed organ and tones from a broken guitar seeps through the electronics coated in static and hiss. Whether it's the 100 years old take on r'n'b in "Lurliv", the medieval post-rock of "Som En Film", the foggy waves of "Yppersta Utposten" or just the sheer stuttering bliss of "Framtidsminnen", Spinform has this time chosen to place heartbreaking melodies before abstract theories, without loosing that future touch - putting the 1906 into 2006.
We do hope it will be a nice and calm listening experience in the coming hot summer season.
Enjoy your Hobby!

Spinform: Bryter Tystnaden

Imperiebyggaren Spinform 5'27''
Lurliv Spinform 7'09''
Som En Film Spinform 7'03''
Frestelser Och Bekymmer (Album Version) Spinform 4'39''
Hjertats Mysterion Spinform 3'51''
Yppersta Utposten Spinform 5'34''
Framtidsminnen Spinform 4'42''
Det Fanns En Tid Spinform 4'18''

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