Flavour Has No Name

Static Music sm 005
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Hanno Leichtmann aka Static continues his tour de force and for us, this flavour has a name indeed: Pure bliss. More melodies, more guests (To Rococo Rot's Stefan Schneider on bass, Christof Kurzmann on vocals), old friends (Ronald Lippok, Justine Electra) and a very genuine drift towards the format of the pop song.

Static: Flavour Has No Name

Inside Your Heaven (Starring Justine Electra) Static 5'32''
Three Nicotine Cigarettes Static 5'00''
Disquiet (Starring Christof Kurzmann) Static 4'23''
Generique Static 6'06''
Ghost Boy (Starring Ronald Lippok) Static 5'06''
Flavour Has No Name Static 4'48''
Get Me Something Cold (Starring Ronald Lippok) Static 4'50''
Turn On Switch Off (Starring Valerie Trebeljahr) Static 5'23''
Waking Up Static 6'09''
Dependent, Depending (Starring Stefan Schneider) Static 6'00''
Teen In Limbo Carpark
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