Talking About Memories

Static Music sm 006
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Hanno Leichtmann has been a pivotal musician in Berlin's burgeoning scene for a number of years - his list of collaborators, co-conspirators and featured guests ranges from members of To Rococo Rot and Tarwater through to Lali Puna and, most recently, Pole and Jan Jelinek with whom Hanno has been recording new albums and preparing to tour. For his own material Hanno has always managed to inject electronic construction with an element of popular appeal, from the metamorphosis of "tracks" into more recognisable "songs", or with his use of hooks and central melody lines to capture the imagination of an audience not necessarily fluent in the language of dis-embodied whirrs, clicks and fractured cuts.
re: talking about memories
Since his last album for CCO (Flavour has no name, Towerblock 014) Hanno Leichtmann spent some time working and writing in
Vienna where he had a stipend at the Museumquartier, one of the largest cultural districts in the world. It was a good opportunity for him to start piecing together material for his new album, meeting with long-time collaborators and admired musicians in their own right Christof Kurzmann and martin siewert. their songs here form the central ident of this excellent album, long forgotten melodies realised through samples of neglected, dusty classical records woven into layers of guitar strums played by Martin Siewert and decorated with Kurzmann's flamboyantly odd vocal delivery. Add to this piquant blend a pop song Hanno wrote together with Tarwater/To Rococo Rot's Ronald Lippok for a special performance at the infamous Pompidou Centre in Paris (album opener "return of she") and Leichtmann's intended theme is realised perfectly - pop music derived by uncompromisingly innovative means. And as if to reiterate the popular fascination at the heart of proceedings, as well as the album title's preoccupation with memories, Hanno recorded his first ever cover version for this album - a daring, beautiful take on The Assembley's 80's hit "never never". Talk about memories indeed.

Static: Talking About Memories

Return Of She Static 5'56''
One After 808 Static 4'29''
A Song For You Static 4'48''
Never Never Static 5'46''
Shift, Smash, Surge, Swell Static 4'40''
Point Of Hope Static 6'12''
Colours In Patches Static 4'22''
Synch & Sake Static 6'41''
The Moon Had A Crack Static 4'13''

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