World Of The Waking State

Ostgut Ton OSTGUTCD27
  • 2LP: Includes download
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Steffi occupies a unique space in the realm of contemporary electronic music. Although she's a world renowned DJ and Panoramabar resident, Steffi's musical interests reach far beyond the dancefloor, and it's her work as a producer that has established an impressive, hard-won legacy. This album melts Autechre-informed Oldschool IDM with rich melodies and deep vibes

Steffi: World Of The Waking State

Different Entities Steffi
Continuum Of The Mind Steffi
All Living Things Steffi
The Meaning Of Memory Steffi
Schools Of Thought Steffi
World Of The Waking State Steffi
Kokkie Steffi
Mental Events Steffi
Bounces Of Nature Steffi
Cease To Exist Steffi

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