Steve Peters + Steve Roden

Not A Leaf Remains As It Was

12K 12K1069
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Voice-based project by Steve Peters and Steve Roden.
All of the music was improvised in the studio, built up one track at a time. They worked intuitively, with no structural guidelines beyond using the texts. Three days later they emerged from the studio, not quite sure what they had done. After letting the material rest for several months Peters and Roden determined that Doug Haire, who recorded the sessions at Jack Straw, was the obvious choice to do the mixing. The album was completed in the fall of 2011.
12k is known to be a label of understatement and restraint, however, Not A Leaf Remains As It Was is arguably the most hushed and delicate record in the label’s catalog. Every sound on the album’s four tracks, be it the artists’ voices, a pump organ or melodica hangs by a thread, played ever so slightly, with utmost care. Noises, created from turtle shells, leaves, and bells shuffle and flutter, as if they are quietly alive, in the background providing a textural backdrop to the sublime tones and ghostly voices.

Steve Peters + Steve Roden: Not A Leaf Remains As It Was

Winds Through Bleak Timber Steve Peters + Steve Roden 11'21''
Fade Away Within Steve Peters + Steve Roden 8'21''
Water Veins Steve Peters + Steve Roden 7'31''
Two Or Three Fireflies Steve Peters + Steve Roden 7'19''

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