Suzuki Junzo

If I Die Before I Wake

Utech Records URLP100
  • LP: Ltd. to 300 copies, Transparent green Vinyl, incl. Postcard
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After three years Suzuki Junzo returns to Utech Records with If I Die Before I Wake, his fourth full-length release for the label. Junzo is joined by Ikuro Takahashi of LSD March, Kousokuya, Fushitsusha and High Rise. If I Die is a record comprised of roaring space blues and empyrean haze. Nothing less than imposing and exquisite, If I Die is conceivably Suzuki Junzo’s greatest recorded work.

Released initially on cassette, the expanded vinyl adds one unreleased track and offers the two live recordings from the B side of the tape as digital bonus tracks.

Suzuki Junzo: If I Die Before I Wake

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If I Die Before I Wake Suzuki Junzo

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