Sven Kacirek

The Kenya Reworks

Pingipung PP22
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The response to Sven Kacirek’s album „The Kenya Sessions“ (Pingipung 20) was overwhelming. The cooperation between the drummer-producer from Hamburg and musicians from Kenya links Electronica with African recordings in a unique, exciting fashion. It therefore has been and still is being praised in various scenes from Techno to Jazz to World Music. The CD will receive the award „Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik“ in May 2011, category: „Nu and Extreme“.
Also friends of the label have been enthusiastic about e quality of this material. Pingipung therefore releases a 10inch vinyl with reworks of the album in the end of May.
Lawrence, Hamburg’s most melancholy House Artist, co-owner of the Labels Dial, Smallville and Laid dedicates himself to the track „Kayamba Tuc Tuc“. He reduces the track to its essence, without adding anything new, and edit full of wisdom with heartfelt warmth.
Taprikk Sweezee is the best known moniker of the musician Nikolai von Sallwitz next to Gizmog or Fussel. Taprikk Sweezee builds his soul glitch beats with ease, and he is by the way the most convincing electronic performer we know these days. One single track was not enough for his mix. We’d love to see him dance with all the Kenyan musicians who play on his two originals of choice, „Kayamba Tuc Tuc“ and „Mariae“.
Furthermore on this 10inch: A rework of „Paperflowers“ by Sven Kacirek himself, created in cooperation with Samy Deluxe producer Sebastian Winkler. Finally, less a bonus but maybe the secret highlight: The exclusive Sven Kacirek Track „Takaye Village“!

Sven Kacirek: The Kenya Reworks

Kayamba Tuc Tuc (Lawrence Edit) Sven Kacirek 4'54''
Paperflowers (Rework) Sven Kacirek 4'33''
Kayambriä (Taprikk Sweezee Remix) Sven Kacirek 3'58''
Takaye Village Sven Kacirek 4'53''

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