Sven Kacirek

The Kenya Sessions

Altin Village & Mine AVM 044 LP
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Sven Kacirek studied drums and marimba at the conservatory in Arnhem/NL, at the Musikhochschule in Hamburg and at the Drummers Collective in New York City. Besides his cooperation with musicians and bands like Hauschka, F.S. Blumm, Jan Dvorak, Jan Plewka, Martin Bisi, Alexander Schubert and Uwe Haas, Sven has composed and performed music for modern dance theatre pieces and contemporary ballet. He worked with choreographers like Angela Guerreiro, Filip van Huffel, Antje Pfundtner, Johnny Lloyd among others. In 2009 Sven Kacirek composed the soundtrack of the movie “Five Ways to Dario” by Dario Aguirre.
This is the first time „The Kenya Sessions“ will be available on Vinyl, licensed from the german label Pingipung.
For „The Kenya Sessions“, Sven Kacirek traveled through Kenya, equipped with loads of microphones. A pretty solid idea. On „The Kenya Sessions“ we find recordings of kenyan singers and musicians carefully composed to a flow of 15 pieces mixed with Percussion-, Marimba- and Piano-elements. What strikes most while listening is the outstanding quality of the recordings and the accuracy of Sven‘s work. It‘s hard to tell which elements are added via overdub and what was recorded in Kenya which results in a very organic listening experience. That‘s when a „drumming kenyan community‘s welcome ceremony“ gently forms into the track „Dear Anastasia“ sung by 80 year old kenyan women Ogoya Nengo. Sven‘s sensitivity for „the gentle tone“ which could cast a spell on the listener already on „The Palmin Sessions“, gets lifted to a whole new level on this kenyan cooperation ...

Sven Kacirek: The Kenya Sessions

Arsenal Aluny Village Sven Kacirek 3'09''
Old Man Small Studio Sven Kacirek 4'19''
Walk To Rangala Sven Kacirek 1'32''
Dear Anastasia Sven Kacirek 5'28''
Kayamba Tuc Tuc Sven Kacirek 5'12''
Turkey Dance Sven Kacirek 5'40''
Too Good To Be True Sven Kacirek 1'25''
On The Coast Sven Kacirek 47''
Lamu Sunsail Sven Kacirek 2'45''
Maria¨ Sven Kacirek 3'46''
Paperflowers Sven Kacirek 6'48''
Headphones & Headdress Sven Kacirek 4'36''
Vuvuzela in White Sven Kacirek 1'47''
Trickled Away Sven Kacirek 4'16''
Takaye Preaching Sven Kacirek 1'21''
Kayamba Fever (Vinyl Bonus Track) Sven Kacirek 5'30''

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