The Great Annihilator

Mute Records CDSTUMM402
  • 2LP: Includes download
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This remastered version of the Swans 1995 classic album includes a bonus disc with Michael Gira's solo recording "Drainland", which was recorded in the same period.

Swans: The Great Annihilator

In Swans
I Am The Sun Swans
She Lives Swans
Celebrity Lifestyle Swans
Mother Father Swans
Blood Promise Swans
Mind Body Light Sound Swans
My Buried Child Swans
Warm Swans
Alcohol The Seed Swans
Killing For Company Swans
Mother's Milk Swans
Where Does A Body End Swans
Telepathy Swans
The Great Annihilator Swans
Out Swans

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