Die Alte Leier

Shitkatapult strike_079 ep
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Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere is back home.

With “Die alte Leier” T.R. releases the most “clubby” track from his forthcoming totally “unclubby” album “Random Noize Sessions Vol. 01” (more info below) on a piece of 12” vinyl and(!) on Shitkatapult.

Believe it or not, but “Die alte Leier” is a wonderful, sweet, lovely & minimal dance track from the depths of T.R.’s hard drive.
Yes minimal your eyes don’t fool you, but in an old fashioned way of understanding. Not what minimal is supposed to be like today...
As far as we are informed this track was recorded a couple of years ago on one of the canary islands while the sun was burning and the whiskey was on the rocks…

Anyway, to make it an even more valuable product, T.Raumschmiere listened to some of his old dat-recordings and found a track that he produced back in the old days and(!) back in Heidelberg with individualist Alex Cortex who later became well known with his releases on Source Records etc.

T.Raumschmiere: Die Alte Leier

Die Alte Leier T.Raumschmiere 4'53''
It's All About The Leierei T.Raumschmiere 5'18''

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