Tape Loop Orchestra

Illuminating Emissions

Tape Loop Orchestra TLOITCLP003
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Third in a series of three releases originally released as part of the Solar Light Emissions box set, now available individually for the first time.

Anyone familiar with Andrew Hargreaves' work will no doubt be salivating at the prospect of this trio of new Tape Loop Orchestra releases; extending classical/drone works that steer clear of heavy-handed emotional signposts and instead evolve through gradual, barely perceptible changes that slowly pull you into the ether.

Each of the three vinyl albums in the trilogy spans celestial dimensions with patience and emotional restraint; from the choked-up, whispering strings of Illuminating, through the layered vapour trail Emissions and the quietly grandiose sweeping arrangements on And The Light Is Ours - it’s a moving affair that you'll sink deeply into if you’re a follower of recordings by William Basinski, Stars of The Lid, Deathprod or GAS.

Tape Loop Orchestra: Illuminating Emissions

Illuminating Tape Loop Orchestra
Emissions Tape Loop Orchestra

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