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great stuff can come into existence when the elements for a seemingly unlikely combination are chosen unconsciously. with a little bit of luck this can make sense as is the case with teamforest's debut single for morr music's very own 7”-series a number of small things. a meeting of a long forgotten new zealandish lo-fi-pop attitude with rattling electronica beats and sounds plus a few not so very hip instruments like banjo or synthie trumpets can actually result in something like a classic pop song with a finely tuned melody with just the right melancholic note. it gets its own special charms through the use of the electronic elements with the lo-fi attitude in mind - it's about the spontaneity of the moment that ideally lasts forever.
the b-side shows an even moodier aspect of teamforest. pure electronic melancholy with a slight shimmer of hope, all the while it grooves relaxingly like a respectful tribute to boards of canada.
the man behind teamforest is one philipp bueckle from dortmund, germany who has so far released a handful of singles on various labels, contributed to some compilations and did remixes for acts as different as missouri and kinderzimmer productions. his previous projects include the postrock-band jefferson and the noise-drone of forest.

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