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Here it is in full size, cryptical and obvious at the same time, exciting and thrilling. After paving the way with last year´s remarkable 10" vinyl and impressively re-adjusting their music with their single »A Fryhole« the full-length album underlines what waiting for was worth: Lively (post) rock adaption meets the enthusiasm of three young men who are eager to get that little bit extra. On the egde of a subtle hit, shooting from the hip, here is a new blueprint of contemporary and timeless guitar music. Welcome: Ter Haar - ­ (delta).

What a step they made! The band effortlessly connects tricky enmeshments just to develop honest floorfillers. Call it postrock 2.0, let it be the audacity of those who have grown up with this kind of music, who just don´t have to explain to someone, least to themselves. They can go into the thick. With an easy mind they hand the fragile over to the ruction, they juggle nervous liveliness and - well, pop music.

And newly there´s the singing above and all around it, as a connector between the uneven approaches, as a bridging of two generations of Sinnbus: Next to Phil Koller there are Thom Kastning (Kate Mosh) and Fabian Fenk (Bodi Bill) singing on this album. The next generation is ready to start, to use the structure and build on what has been achieved so far. And all in all they promise an exquisite next year!

Ter Haar: Delta

Pjotr Ter Haar 3'07''
A Fryhole Ter Haar 3'35''
Mambocore Ter Haar 4'42''
Yatzy Ter Haar 3'10''
Joni Versaal Ter Haar 3'50''
Gletscher Ter Haar 4'35''
Climb Like A Zeal Ter Haar 3'08''
Anti Rodeo Coalition Ter Haar 4'10''
Ping Pong Ter Haar 3'54''

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