Terror Bird

Human Culture

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Terror Bird is an art-pop project led by Vancouver's Nikki Never that released a couple tapes (night people & scotch tapes) a 7inch on Atelier Ciseaux, a split 7" and a cover song CD-R over the years, toured europe and the US ... This is her debut LP of 13 songs upbeat, catchy 80ies Glam Pop with reverbed vocals, haunted keyboard arrangements steeped in minimalistic 80s new wave. Maybe a popier version of Zola jesus.

Terror Bird: Human Culture

Married Women Terror Bird 2'31''
We Were Monsters Terror Bird 3'12''
Cemetaries Terror Bird 4'06''
Integrity Terror Bird 2'21''
She's A Revolutionay Terror Bird 3'15''
Make Believe Terror Bird 2'32''
If We Escape Terror Bird 2'50''
Dumb Sick Terror Bird 2'23''
Keep Me Haunted Terror Bird 3'01''
Human Life Terror Bird 2'48''
Cheat Yourself Terror Bird 1'58''
Last Moment Terror Bird 2'36''
Who's Sorry Now Terror Bird 4'19''

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