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THE BLOW's Smash hit from "Paper Television" is finally available on an attractive 7inch with a fine selection of remixes from some talented friends.

Lille, France based trio DAT POLITICS have taken the mellow, springlike love song on a bouncy rollercoster ride. A hyperactive beat mashup has replaced the original beat, while keeping singer Khaela Maricich's sweet voice safely belted through the loops.

London's new premiere resident DJ Rory Phillips is one of the heroes of The End's Trash (now Durr) Club fame. Fresh off of remixes for Franz Ferdinand and Les Georges Leningrad, Phillips has given "Parenthesis" a more sensitive treatment, transforming the rhythm into a static, repetitive, but cool house beat.

Rounding out this single is the previously unreleased "Get Around" a frantic, dynamic gem from the "Paper Television" sessions that you shouldn't miss!

The Blow: Parentheses

Parantheses (Original Version) The Blow 40''
Parantheses (Dat Politics Remix) The Blow 40''
Parantheses (Rory Phillips Remix) The Blow 40''
Parantheses The Blow 40''

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